Born and raised in Baxter, Tennessee, Tepoe Nash began his musical career at the very young age of five when his dad bought him a guitar for his birthday. By the age of twelve, Tepoe was writing songs and playing drums in a rock band at many of the local venues. Over the years, while developing his songwriting skills and musical abilities on various instruments, Tepoe was involved in several rock bands. Two of the bands were seriously considered by major record labels, but the challenges of keeping the bands together prohibited their further development. After accepting the reality of these challenges, Tepoe decided to pursue a solo musical career.
Tepoe began performing in Nashville, Tennessee, as an acoustic artist at various songwriting venues such as the Bluebird Café, the French Quarter, the Commodore Lounge, the Hall of Fame Lounge, and many others. 

In 2005, Tepoe released his original acoustic album entitled “Stage Light.” and organized a tour to Las Vegas to promote it. He performed at many cities along the way including Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Flagstaff, Las Vegas, Denver, and St. Louis.

In 2007 Tepoe added a drum kit to his home studio giving him the ability to produce a full band sound while recording alone. What followed was a magnetizing Rock album which was titled “The Great SpinGolly” and dropped for audiences in 2008. Apart from these records, the artist has also curated and put out around 50 singles that span a rich mix of genres, from Rock, Soft Rock, Metal, Country, Blues, Reggae, Pop, and Christian Rock.

In 2008, the talented artist also received a US patent for a new type of guitar, delineating his strong passion for innovation. Tepoe typically records, produces, and mixes all his music entirely by himself, however, he occasionally calls on session musicians to enhance certain tunes. The artist also covers all his instrumentation as the lead guitarist, bass guitarist, drummer, percussionist, and plays the keyboards and piano.

In 2016, 2018, and 2021 the artist was honored to work with legendary session musicians, Wayne Moss, and Charlie McCoy, who have experience crafting the soundscapes of iconic artists like Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan. The artist has garnered much airplay on internet radio and FM stations and has also appeared on the ingenious Nashville Local TV Show “Nashville on Stage.”

Tepoe is committed to creating and releasing music in varying genres and is looking forward to many more music projects. He plans to begin adding more video content to his music and hopes to deliver his own version of a few more cover songs. The artist’s long-term plans are to keep writing, recording and producing music with the hope of reaching more fans and building new relationships in the music business.